Technical FM

A system outage is always possible in large complex systems because they are located in buildings with high technical requirements and very sensitive equipment. In order to maintain smooth system operation and eliminate malfunctions, to restore all functions as soon as possible and with minimal financial costs, these systems should be managed by an expert with sufficient technical knowledge. For this purpose, we offer you complete technical FM services that will meet all of your property’s requirements.

kvacica   Electrical services: regular maintenance, repairs and installation of electrical wiring, LED lighting, thermal imaging, generator and UPS power supply and controlling priority systems

kvacica   HVAC services: regular maintenance, repairs and installation of HVAC equipment, plumbing services, air conditioning, heating and managing boiler rooms and priority systems

kvacica   Construction and finishing works: if you need any construction work to be carried out in your company’s office space, or you need to repurpose it, we provide services of renovation and reconstruction of office and retail spaces and painting works

kvacica    Fire Safety and OSH: we carry out mandatory fire safety, occupational safety and health tests for you

Infrastructural FM

The interior and exterior of your property are the integral parts of your corporate image and important segments of any business. We offer the services of infrastructure maintenance and management which will ensure that you make a good impression on your clients and business partners. Thanks to our services, your clients will always be happy to turn to you and your employees will be satisfied with their workplace.

kvacica     Cleaning: our team of experts will make sure that your office spaces, retail spaces and warehouses are always clean

kvacica     Cleaning air ducts and kitchen hoods whose cleaning is required by law

kvacica    Cleaning glass facades: our employees specialize in high rise glass facades cleaning

kvacica     Horticulture: we maintain and design green areas on your property. If you are not sure what you would like to do with your green areas, we will find a solution that will be both functional and will meet your needs.

kvacica     Pest Control: we undertake mandatory pest control measures in order to protect your facility from microorganisms, insects and various harmful rodents

kvacica      Logistics: to our clients who plan business relocation, we offer services of moving office and retail spaces, as well as complete warehouses. You focus on your regular activities, while we move all of your business without any disruptions to your business operations

kvacica     Space management: we can design the best project solution in our CAFMS system to provide you with a functional office space that meets all the requirements of ergonomics standards and technical conditions related to ventilation, air conditioning, heating, lighting, etc.

kvacica     Winter Service is available during winter time to clean access roads to your facilities as quickly as possible

Energy FM

Our measures for carrying out energy management activities are some of the services we offer to help you control and rationalize fuel and energy consumption in order to save money and protect the environment.

kvacica    Installing frequency inverters that save energy by adjusting engine speed to meet the requirements at any load level. Adjusting speed increases production and lowers maintenance costs and material wear

kvacica    Determining lighting zones, installing occupancy sensors, programming operating modes, controlling electrical energy consumption

kvacica     LED lighting for low consumption and long lifetime as the best choice for any office space

kvacica     Installing CO2 sensors that monitor air quality in your office space, which is extremely important if you want your employees to be productive

kvacica    “Free cooling” systems that don’t consume energy for cooling, but use lower outside air temperatures

Other services

Beside our basic FM services, we also carry out all accompanying property maintenance work as necessary.

kvacica    Preventive and regular property maintenance

kvacica   Periodical maintenance (emergency maintenance) 24/365

kvacica   Investment maintenance

kvacica   Janitorial services

kvacica   CAFM system implementation

kvacica   Technical solutions development

kvacica    Project Management / drawing up projects and project documentation for new systems or expanding the existing ones:

Construction systems

HVAC systems

Electrical systems

Construction works