L’Operosa Facility Management d.o.o.

The Italian real estate management and maintenance company L’Operosa took over the Croatian company PRS-FM. It is the first foray of this large Italian company into the foreign market.

L’Operosa Group was founded in 1951 in Bologna. Today, it provides a wide range of facilities management services in the private and public sector. It employs more than 3,000 people in Italy, and its net worth is 51 million euros.

“L’Operosa chose the Croatian market as its first foreign experience, not only because of its macroeconomic growth, but also because of important similarities with the Italian market, because of cultural proximity and logistics. After we transfer our activities to the Croatian market, we intend to expand to other countries in this part of Europe – Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia and North Macedonia”, said Aldo Di Biagio, board member of L’Operosa Facility Management from Zagreb.

This company was founded three years ago by the Italian company L’Operosa Scarl from Bologna for market research and acquisition preparation. In the end, the company PRS-FM from Zagreb, which operates throughout Croatia and specializes in technical facility management, was chosen for the partnership and acquisition. The company has 30 employees – engineers, technicians and other professional workers.

We create added value to any business

PRS-FM is a company that specializes in comprehensive property maintenance and management and provides its clients with top-quality facility management services. Founded in 2014, together with our founder Prekvršje Svjetlovod d.o.o we employ 96 experts who gained their work experience in renowned and successful Croatian and international companies.

Facility management is an interdisciplinary profession of the modern times that integrates people, business processes, places and technology. The goal of FM is optimizing your company’s organization and increasing flexibility by reducing costs and increasing the company’s value.

As we are aware that our level of quality depends greatly on our employees, we make investing in their personal growth and the implementation of common values our priority.

The leaders in the telecommunications market, shopping centers and restaurants have very quickly recognized the quality of our services and our professional approach, and have entrusted us with the management of their business facilities. Our clients’ objectives are our personal objectives as well, so we pay close attention to their wishes and try to fulfill all their needs.

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About us prs-fm

All services available in one place

PRS-FM is here to take over our clients’ business operations that are not their core business, but are important for their company to function properly. This allows our clients to focus on achieving corporate results.

We specialize in providing the following services:


kvacica   Technical FM

kvacica   Infrastructural FM

kvacica   Energy FM

kvacica   Property/Space management

24-hour Support

The PRS-FM team provides assistance as quickly as possible whenever a user reports a problem 24/7/365.

Organizational structure

PRS-FM is a flexible and efficient organization set up in order to easily adapt to changes and successfully manage its resources.

Organizational structure.



Our vision is to become the leading property management and maintenance service provider.


We provide a complete service in one place and ensure quality, experience and professionalism that have helped us become one of the leaders in the Croatian FM market. We continually improve our competence in the core segments of our business and expand existing FM services.